Hernia surgery

Resuming normal activities again

I know a few of my friends have wondered, “Where is Bob?” during this year’s municipal elections. There are some Mississauga municipal candidates who are both good and worthy people for the offices they are contesting, and also good personal friends. I had been hoping to help with their campaigns a bit.

After the Ontario election, I and my colleagues all needed the month of June to clean out our campaign office; constituency office; and Queen’s Park office. That was a of of work to do within just a few weeks.

By mid-July, I was being bothered by a hernia condition that, mercifully, did not affect me during the Ontario election. After the whole diagnosis, ultrasound, see a specialist, and book a surgery date process was complete, my surgery was performed on the afternoon of Wednesday October 10. The surgery feels like a complete success.

I had to promise my doctor that I would relax for the first few days (although he does want me on my feet doing light walking). For my friends who had hoped I’d be able to walk the streets with them, and validate their candidacies with the neighbours during the municipal campaign, I’ll be available to join you about the middle of October, during the final week of the campaign.

I am feeling fine, glad that my intestines are no longer trying to push themselves out of my abdomen, and looking forward to resuming the things I have always enjoyed. My target date to be back on the ice and in goal is during November. Many thanks to the team at Credit Valley Hospital, where Dr. Don Coughlan and a great team in surgery looked after me. I walked in and walked out within a few hours.

Flu Shot Time

Avoiding weeks of misery = flu shot

One the most frequent read articles on my old MPP web site was always my annual post on getting the flu shot. Click or touch here to read it. I had never had the flu shot prior to being first elected in 2003. Over the years, I saw what a difference getting the flu shot makes. I get my own flu shot early in autumn each year.

The winter surge in hospital admissions in 2018 was almost completely driven by influenza cases. The peak time for the flu to lay waste to your health is from December to March. You can reduce your risk to almost zero with a free flu shot.

The flu shot works! But…

  • You need to be healthy when you get your flu shot. As early in autumn as you can, and while you are healthy, get the flu shot;
  • The flu shot requires some time, in most people a week or two, before your immune system benefits from it. Get your flu shot early;
  • You need the flu shot each and every year. Getting the flu shot sporadically through a decade isn’t the powerful protection that an annual flu shot offers;
  • Make sure each and every person in your household, especially children and seniors, get the flu shot.

Don’t put off the flu shot. Go into nearly any pharmacy, and ask for your flu shot. It is free. All you need is your OHIP card.


Today's Quote

Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.

— Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

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