A face-to-face meeting with your MPP

One of the more enjoyable duties of your MPP is to be able to help out when we can assist you with a problem or an issue that relate to the Government of Ontario. Bob normally sees people at the Constituency Office in Mississauga.

  • When the Legislature is in session, constituency days are normally Fridays;
  • When the Legislature is not in session, Bob is able to spend other weekdays in Mississauga, depending on his schedule of committee meetings and other commitments;
  • Please do not just “drop in;”
  • Meetings are by appointment only, in order that your MPP has a chance to get briefed on your issue, and that Bob’s staff has some time to look into your matter.

To make an appointment

  • Contact us by phone, by letter or by e-mail;
  • In many cases, Bob’s staff can resolve the problem with you;
  • If your problem relates to Government of Ontario services and programs, our staff will open a file on your issue, ask you for whatever documentation may be appropriate, and start work on the problem;
  • All matters are handled confidentially.