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On many speaking occasions, my remarks are not delivered from prepared notes. On some occasions, however, I have either done a written draft of my remarks, or they are recorded and transcribed before being reproduced here. Here is where you’ll find my thoughts, speeches, articles and, yes, blogs.

Statements in the Ontario Legislature:

Getting the annual flu shot
Get the annual flu shot this year, and every year! The flu shot works. It is made in Canada, and if you take it, the chances of getting the flu drop to nearly zero. Many people report that even routine head colds are less lengthy and less severe. See my statement in the Ontario Legislature on YouTube.
Family Day Walkathon 2013 raises $70,000 for CVH Foundation
In its third annual Family Day Walkathon, the Mississauga Muslim Community, joined by other faith groups, once again blew through its fundraising goal, and raised an astonishing $70,000 for the Credit Valley Hospital Foundation. Organizer, and 2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal awardee A.Q. Mufti put together a talented team who led walkers around Mississauga’s City Hall for the fund-raiser.
Meadowvale’s Cyclone Manufacturing wins $11 million contract in Taiwan
In December 2012, right before Christmas, I joined Cyclone Manufacturing President Andrew Sochaj in the city of Tai Chung in Taiwan for the signing of an $11 million agreement with Taiwanese airframe manufacturer AIDC as they agreed to build the tail assembly for the Bombardier Challenger Series 300 jet. Cyclone is making Meadowvale a hub of aerospace activity.

Issues that matter in Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville

Ontario Fall Economic Statement 2016: budget back in balance
Ontarians have recovered from the global recession faster than anywhere else in the world. Ontario is the continent’s ‘go-to’ place for business and investment right now. The Fall Economic Statement is concise, well-written and illustrated, and deserves some space on your tablet among your other electronic books. Read the 2016 Ontario Fall Economic Statement. Click here.
Think your taxes are higher? Actually, they are lower!
Here is a speech I made in response to a nonsensical Conservative resolution suggesting Ontarians are paying more taxes today, when we are the lowest taxed jurisdiction in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions, and are paying less now than at the end of the Harris-Eves years. It’s true!
The hydro debt retirement charge left by Ontario PC governments
If you believe the urban myth propagated by the Ontario PC party, there was no interest to pay on all the they borrowed to build Ontario’s generating stations over the past three generations. Ontario Liberals have been paying down a debt of $20.6 billion left over from the PC era. And the principal has gone down every year. Listen to the truth in a debate from the Ontario Legislature.
The Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit: promise kept!
As the baby boom generation rapidly movs into its 60s, 50s and late 40s, staying in our homes is an important issue. An election commitment kept was the 2012 Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit, a mesure to help seniors afford lifts, ramps and other assists to age with comfort and dignity in their homes.
How Second Career helps re-shape lives and re-start careers for Ontarians
No other jurisdiction in North America has a program as ambitious, and as successful, as Ontario’s Second Career Program. Since its inception in 2008, you could fill the SkyDome with the people who have found that Second Career helps with tuition, books and larning expenses as older workers transition to new careers. Click for more details.

Events in western Mississauga

Canada Day Message from Bob Delaney, MPP
My Canada Day greetings to the residents of Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville.
Remembrance Day Message from Bob Delaney, MPP
My message to western Mississauga residents commemorating Remembrance Day in 2011.
Streetsville Bread and Honey Festival every first weekend of June
The unofficial kickoff to Streetsville’s summer is the annual Bread and Honey Festival, held the first weekend in June at the Vic Johnston Arena. Here is a Member’s Statement in the Legislature celebrating the tradition and the legacy.

Recognizing outstanding people and companies

Celebrating Maxxam Analytics training excellence in Meadowvale
Since 2001, Maxxam Analytics in Meadowvale has offered a training program for skilled newcomers to Canada, giving them Canadian experience in a laboratory setting, teaching standards and practices. Maxxam Analytics tests environmental products, food and water samples.
Excellence in our midst: Whirlpool and Amgen in Meadowvale
Whirlpool Canada, Meadowvale manufacturer of household appliances, has repeatedly won Manufacturer of the Year awards. Biotech leader Amgen Canada is a Canadian leader in promoting science education and developing the people to manage science-related businesses of tomorrow.
Where do Ontario’s MPPs come from? The whole world!
In 2012, I updated my earlier Member’s Statement with an overview of where Ontario’s 107 MPPs were born. We are a diverse lot, with many skills and backgrounds.
Acknowledging the settlement and integration work of PMC
Since 1977, the Peel Multicultural Council has served newcomers from all over the world, helping them get established in Mississauga and Brampton, learn English, find a job and contribute to the building of Ontario and Canada.
Congratulating Streetsville Bollywood film maker Richie Mehta
Telling the story of an Indian rickshaw driver who inherits an eccentric billionaire’s fortune, Streetsville film maker Richie Mehta burst onto the Bollywood scene with his production of Amal. A few parts of India were shot in Ontario. Click to see the film’s trailer.
The scholastic achievements of Natasha Barnes
Following the sudden passing of her mother, Natasha Barnes became her younger sister’s legal guardian and also volunteered while pursuing her education in social work at Sheridan College.
Synchronized swimmer Samantha Wymes
Then 14 years old, western Mississauga resident Samantha Wymes was the youngest swimmer to qualify for Synchro Ontario. She represented Ontario at the 2007 Canada Games in the Yukon. In spring of 2006, she won a bronze, silver and gold medal in Lima, Peru at the Synchro Peru Aquatica Cup tournament.

Personal statements

A hockey player’s dream game come true
Here is a story for all you weekend athletes who wonder if events will ever come together to have you play the game you love as much as life itself with (or against) some of the names you knew as icons of your game as you grew up. This actually happened to me in mid-December of 2013. Enjoy the read!
Member’s Statement en francais: Francophonie Jeunnesse Parliament
More people have heard me speak Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish or Cantonese than French. It’s the nature of the mix in Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville. However, here is one Member’s Statement in the Legislature, about the Francophone youth parliament, that I did deliver in French. J’ai besoin de practice.