COVID canvassing

A different campaign style

Through the many Ontario election campaigns I waged in western Mississauga, my trademark was to to be seen on the street, at the doorstep. It was the part of the campaign I have always enjoyed most. The doors of the community are where a candidate learns what’s on people’s minds, and hears it in their own words. Door-to-door canvassing may not be the smartest tactic in this summer and fall of 2021 with COVID-19’s very infectious new variants causing even double-vaccinated and double-boosted people (like me and Andrea) to stare in near-disbelief at a positive COVID test. We tried to be careful, avoid gatherings, and wear our masks everywhere in public. Still, COVID found us, and penetrated our vaccine defenses.

Being vaccinated and boosted meant that the COVID we coped with was about equal to a summer cold. But it was a very unpleasant two weeks. And it is not an experience to which I’d like to expose my volunteers, or the folks I would otherwise meet while canvassing in Meadowvale and Central Erin Mills.

Though hospitalizations, serious illness and (thankfully) deaths are lower, especially in the vaccinated, COVID-19’s latest variants are surging everywhere. So, I’ll be doing more work by phone, through social and print media, and will try new types of outreach to ask for support while protecting you, myself and those helping me. Meeting folks will be different, and I hope some things we do through necessity turn out to be a good idea in elections moving forward.

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