How can my MPP help with a problem?

Some 60,000 people work for the Government of Ontario. By any measure, it is a big organization. Indeed, some ministries within the Government of Ontario are, by themselves, big organizations.

The Ontario Public Service is there to look after your needs, and your MPP is one of the checks and balances to ensure that you get the service to which you are entitled, or for which you qualify. Do you absolutely need to speak with your MPP? Probably not too often. Our staff deal with your issues on a day-to-day basis, and are likely better able to answer your question than you MPP is. As well, they have been trained in how and where to connect you to other community resources within Mississauga. Ask Bob’s staff first.

But if you need help…

Regardless of what your issue is, start with the department, the agency or the Ministry from which you need service. The Ministry’s web site should help you better understand where to start. Most likely, you’ll be well-treated, and you will get the service you need. When should you call us?

  1. If something seems to be taking longer than it should. Remember that many public services needed fixing in 2003, and a good organization in the public or private sector is not built overnight. Be patient and realistic, but keep records. In particular, write down the following when you deal with Government of Ontario agencies:
    1. The date of your call(s), and to whom the call was made, or to whom you spoke;
    2. Any file numbers that may exist, or that may be opened;
    3. What you spoke about, and what the person you spoke with said would happen;
    4. Keep copies of any letters you may send or forms you may submit, and remember to quote the Government of Ontario file number on your correspondence.
  2. If some part of the process seems to be going wrong. For example, if a document was supposed to arrive by a specific date and it hasn’t, ask about the reason. If you still have a problem, contact us;
  3. If someone does not treat you correctly, contact us. You should be treated with courtesy and with professionalism by representatives within Government of Ontario departments, ministries and agencies. Remember also that you must treat those you deal with in the same courteous and professional manner. Keep the records noted above. Some points to bear in mind include:
    1. We cannot circumvent normal procedures for you. Our staff will ensure that you have been treated fairly, and according to the procedures set out for that department or that service, but we cannot make exceptions for you;
    2. If a specific program or service does not cover you or your issue, we can confirm with you what is covered, but we cannot extend services to you which may not exist;
    3. If issues of capacity exist, we cannot invent capacity where none is available. For example, if you wish your child to attend a specific school, but that school is already at or beyond capacity (and this is an issue in Mississauga), then even though you may qualify for entry into that school, there may be nothing that even a sympathetic school administrator can do. Or if someone in your family is hospitalized while visiting another city in Ontario, and you wish to have your family member transferred to the Credit Valley Hospital (now Trillium Health Partners), capacity problems at the hospital may make this impossible.
  4. If you are not sure of something, and this web site has not resolved it, call our Constituency Office at (905) 569-1643 and ask for help.


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