Hernia surgery

Resuming normal activities

I know a few of my friends had wondered, “Where is Bob?” during the 2018 municipal elections. There were some Mississauga municipal candidates: good and worthy people for the offices they contested, and also personal friends. I managed to help out in the waning days of the campaign.

After the Ontario election, I and my colleagues all needed the month of June to clean out our campaign office; constituency office; and Queen’s Park office. That was a of of work to do within just a few weeks.

By mid-July, I was being bothered by a hernia condition that, mercifully, did not affect me during the Ontario election. After the whole diagnosis, ultrasound, see a specialist, and book a surgery date process was complete, my surgery was performed on the afternoon of Wednesday October 10. The surgery was a complete success.

Following my doctor’s recuperation advice, I was back skating, and in goal again, by mid-November. Many thanks to the team at Credit Valley Hospital, where Dr. Don Coughlan and a great team in surgery looked after me. I walked in and walked out within a few hours.

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— Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC)

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