For non-drivers and seniors past driving age

Ontario’s Photo ID Card is as good as your driver’s license for government-issued identification. Whether for non-drivers or for seniors, this is the card to carry in your wallet.

The case for seniors is especially good. Many seniors no longer need to drive. The reality for many seniors is that even though they don’t drive, or no longer drive, they still feel compelled to go and get a driver’s license to have a recognized, government-issued photo ID card. You need this type of identification to board a domestic airline flight, to take out a library card, to open a bank account, check into many hotels, and the list is fairly lengthy.

Ontario developed a unique identification card for non-drivers that is as universally recognized as your Ontario driver’s license. You can get your Ontario Photo ID Card in Mississauga.

Where to apply for the Photo ID Card:

The Ontario Photo ID Card is available at ServiceOntario centres. The two closest ServiceOntario centres are at:

  • Streetsville: 6295 Mississauga Road North, between Erin Mills Parkway and Britannia Road, just beside the Tim Horton’s;
  • Erindale: The Westdale Mall, 1151 Dundas Street West, between the Credit River and Erindale Station Road.

Cost and how to apply:

  • The Ontario Photo ID Card costs $35, and is valid for five years from the date of issue;
  • You will need some original identity documents to prove your legal name, date of birth and signature when you apply for the card. Be sure to check the web site for the Ontario Photo ID Card to know what you need to bring when you apply;
  •  If you are replacing your driver’s license with an Ontario Photo ID Card, bring that card with you as well. Note that you can have either a Photo ID Card, or a Driver’s License, but not both. When you are approved for an Ontario Photo ID Card, return your Ontario Driver’s License.