Make progress on what matters most

As your MPP, I have used petitions to the Ontario Legislature to get action on some of the needs that matter to us in western Mississauga. Our community’s petitions have successfully helped get us a new GO Train station at Lisgar, and a new wing to Credit Valley Hospital.

Sign a petition and do something positive

  1. Download a petition, and print one or more copies on your printer. Feel free to share or forward the petition to others;
  2. Sign the petition, and ask others to sign the petition. Use only the downloaded copies of the petition. Don’t worry about sending our office lots of individual sheets;
  3. Mail the completed petition to Bob’s Queen’s Park office. It is on the bottom of the petition. Send only the original, signed petition. Please don’t fax the petition, or send copies. The Clerk of the Legislature’s table accepts only original, signed copies (no white-outs) of the petition;
  4. Don’t hang onto completed petitions and wait until you get more sheets. Please send us the completed petitions as soon as you get them back;
  5. Bob will read your petition in the Legislature, and if we know who sent it, we’ll read your name into Hansard as well.

Petitions Bob is reading in the Legislature

Protect community water fluoridation in Ontario
Mississauga has fluoridated its drinking water for decades. That’s a good thing. The tiny amount of fluoride added to drinking water in communities like Mississauga hardens the enamel in your teeth, and makes your teeth more resistant to decay. Help bring community water fluoridation to every municipality in Ontario. Read more.
Community Health Hub and Urgent Care Centre
The northwest communities of Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville need an urgent care centre and community health hub to serve our growing senior population, and enable clinics, health care providers, labs and other facilities to co-locate, and make access to testing and treatment much easier. Ask your family and friends to sign this petition.
Safer Families Program in Mississauga and Brampton
Catholic Family Services of Peel Dufferin has run a tremendous program for kids needing critical support. It eases the demands on children’s aid. It has been funded on a year-to-year basis. The money’s there. Let’s keep it and signing this petition will help give the people who run it the ability to keep working for us all.
Population-Based Legal Aid Funding
In recent years, Mississauga and Brampton MPPs have made progress by getting more of our social and human services funded by Ontario allocated on the basis of a region’s proportion of Ontario’s population. We need to do this with legal aid funding. Download, sign and return this petition.