OHIP-funded clinics now in Mississauga

As of now, if your physician has prescribed physiotherapy for you, you can get that treatment done at one of these clinics in Mississauga.

  • LifeMark Physiotherapy
    6855 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle
  • Closing the Gap Healthcare Group Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy Clinic
    2810 Matheson Boulevard East, Suite 100
  • Physiotherapy 2000
    2000 Credit Valley Road
  • Physiotherapy One
    2300 Eglinton Ave West, Suite G-05
  • Goreway Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre Inc.
    2300 Eglinton Ave West, Suite G-05

The new funding of $1.4 million will provide 4,549 “episodes of care” to the residents of Mississauga in 2014-2015.

Back in the early 1960s, Ontario set up some 94 ‘designated physiotherapy clinics’ in what were (then) the province’s principal population centres to deliver physiotherapy services funded by OHIP. In the intervening years, many of these licenses were bought up by a handful of firms. By the end of 2012, four firms were billing OHIP more than $100 million annually (growing at some 18 percent per year) for what amounted to light exercise classes. This ancient system was broken, and the Ministry of Health set about fixing it.

Seniors in large and growing communities, like Mississauga, much of York Region and other fast-growing communities across Ontario did not previously have access to publicly-funded clinic-based physiotherapy. That meant waiting lists for in-home physiotherapy were long.

Province-wide physiotherapy

Clinic-based physiotherapy is now available to 90,000 additional Ontarians in more communities as part of the Province’s plan to increase access to physiotherapy, exercise, and fall prevention classes across Ontario. The Province is also providing funding to Community Care Access Centres for in-home physiotherapy to 60,000 more individuals and to eliminate waiting lists.

Overall, Ontario is investing $156 million annually to support enhanced access to physiotherapy, and exercise and fall prevention services to more than 200,000 additional seniors and eligible patients. Eligibility for publicly-funded physiotherapy has not changed. This service is available to seniors, youth aged 19 and younger, Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program (OW/ODSP) recipients, and patients in need of physiotherapy treatment following surgery that required an overnight stay at the hospital. There is no set limit on physiotherapy services. Patients will receive as many physiotherapy sessions as determined to be necessary by their physiotherapist in order for them to recover.

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