Free reference books for your tablet computer

These days, even the most computer-phobic baby boomer has broken down and bought (or been given) a tablet computer. There are probably a bunch of books on your tablet. If you don’t yet have a virtual bookshelf of reference sources, this may be a good time to start one. Here are some books to download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. All are free. You can read them at your leisure, or consult them if you need to know something important and accurate about Ontario. Download the books, organize them on your tablet, and use them to answer such questions as:

  • Is it true that Ontario is the only government in Canada never to have missed a deficit reduction target? Yes(Ontario Budget 2013-14, page 105);
  • Is it true that Ontario contributes the most in Canada to federal equalization, and receives the least in return from the federal government? Yes(2013 Fall Economic Statement, page 145);

Ontario’s finances and budget

  • Ontario Fall Economic Statement 2014: Progress on reducing Ontario’s deficit, and up-to-date facts and figures on jobs, growth, Ontario’s economic outlook, taxation, borrowing, and Ontario’s fiscal outlook;
  • Ontario Budget 2015-16: Where Ontario’s funds come from and where they go, how Ontario’s job recovery is ahead of the USA and Europe, progress on returning the Province’s budget to balance.

Energy and electricity

  • Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan: See the various sources of Ontario’s electricity, and how nuclear and hydro together account for about three-quarters of Ontario’s electricity supply, and how the fast-growing renewable power sector now generates some 31,000 good jobs in Ontario.

Health Care