Today, social media, a term that didn’t exist just a few years ago, enables us to rediscover people we knew in our past, and stay in touch with our circle of friends and associates in the here-and-now.

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Relationships and social media

Business people, professionals and government get to connect with those who matter to us in what marketers traditionally call a “relationship.” In urban environments, what an elected representative is important to a lot of people. Prior to social media, there had been no cost-effective, easy and reliable way to keep in touch with the people you represented as an elected official. Conversely, people who are concerned about what happens in government had, until recently, no easy and accessible way to connect with the men and women whom they send to govern in their name.

Using social media to keep in touch

The "cloud" and social media

Social media augments more traditional media such as print and broadcast to connect government and the people we serve. More Canadians, per-capita, stay connected via Facebook than anywhere else in the world.

Most elected representatives have a web site. To augment it are public meetings and a newsletter, often also called a “householder.” We’ve gone much further than that. Check out the other ways that we can keep in touch with you, and you can keep in touch with us.