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Following some serious thought and discussions, at home and with my campaign team and supporters, I entered the election race to become Chair of Peel Region in the third week of July.

I did not register to run as Peel Region Chair because who I was not. The events surrounding the close of nomination eligibility at 2:00 p.m. on Friday July 27 were driven mostly by news about who was in, who had dropped out, and who had switched from registering for one position to a different position. With that dust settled, the people of the region, or their regional elected representatives, will choose a single individual to assume an important position to represent three cities, and a population of 1.4 million people.

Bob Delaney at Credit Valley Hospital

As a Member of Provincial Parliament, Bob Delaney advocated for – and got – more funding for health care.

Peel Region’s three growing cities need a seasoned and mature veteran to coordinate programs, services and resources that support Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon. After 15 years in the Ontario Legislature, I know how programs and legislation that affect municipalities are created. I have learned how to deal effectively with the Province, and work with precisely the key stakeholders affected by the Region of Peel. Moving forward, the Region of Peel needs to deal with:

  • How the Region can work with its cities to ensure development includes affordable housing options;
  • How to work with our hospitals and Local Health Integration Networks, and with developers and our cities’ plans, to ease the pressure on hospital emergency wards;
  • Working with the Peel Police to reduce insurance fraud and lower regional premiums;
  • Working with businesses, our cities and other regions to attract investment and build relationships among partners the federal and provincial government may not see as priorities.

This means that whether the position is filled by election or appointment, I remain committed to being a candidate for the position of Chair of Peel Region.

The post of Peel Region Chair should not be seen as the 4th mayor of three cities. It should be a senior executive role to ensure that the Regional government chosen by Peel’s cities, and its regional council, remains the best-managed, most effective and appropriate government for our 1.4 million people, and our dynamic region.

My campaign for Chair of Peel Region will, therefore, continue. On this web site, you will see an analysis of the legislation proposed by the Province. I have been a member of four governments, three of them majority governments. Majority Ontario governments do not always get their legislation through in the form they initially wish, or on the schedule they initially set out. Unless the proposed bill passes, the elections for the chairs of Peel, York, Niagara and Muskoka regions will proceed as scheduled.

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