Team Building

A Ward 9 campaign team

To quote John Belushi in The Blues Brothers, “We’re getting the band back together.”

My candidacy for City Councilor in Mississauga Ward 9 was official when I filed my paperwork back in June. Our bank account is open for donations. I have been in touch with the seasoned campaign people I worked with at the provincial level, and bringing in some new people with fresh and exciting ideas to move Meadowvale and Central Erin Mills forward through the decade of the 2020s. Interested? Here are the functional areas the team is building strength:

  • Fund-Raising;
  • Sign Chair;
  • Activity Coordinator;
  • Communications.

If you are interested, or know someone who is, you, he, she or they ought to call (905) 542-3725, and speak with us. Or contact the Bob Delaney Campaign by e-mail at