Transit Plans

Mississauga has the transit plans. Let’s do them!

What's the biggest single item in Mississauga's annual budget? It's transit. MiWay is the name of the Mississauga's transit system. Most people don't know that Mississauga has a transportation plan. In fact, we have three of them. Let's spend two minutes talking about ways to get transit plans moving again. Mississauga's plans have many ideas and plans worth implementing. Now that we're moving beyond being stalled due to COVID-19, we need move those plans along faster. I'll do that as your Ward 9...

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Helping when you need 'the government'

Bob Delaney on ‘the government’

Here is a video thought on being part of 'the government' at the municipal level after being part of 'the government' at the Ontario provincial level. To residents of a ward (or riding) with an issue to resolve, it's 'the government,' whether that's municipal, provincial or federal. During the 15 years I served in Queen's Park, my staff and I took a 'whole of government' approach to helping people.


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The years ahead

Strong, responsible, experienced

For 15 challenging years, you placed your confidence in me as your MPP. Together, we got the Lisgar GO station built, two major hospital extensions at Credit Valley Hospital, better public transit funded, a new medical academy at UTM, and much more.

Plans and decisions our city made 50, 40 and 30 years ago need re-thinking to be effective 10, 20 and 30 years from now. Some issues are local, like neighbourhood noise walls, traffic control, or community policing.

Other issues include working with the federal and provincial government to better share revenue, and sustainably fund what large cities...

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Ward 9 Mississauga

Why I'm running in Ward 9

Change is coming with a new Mississauga City Councillor in Ward 9. My 15 years as northwest Mississauga's Member of Provincial Parliament taught me how to get results for the folks who live, work, build families and run businesses here. I did what I said I would do, and our communities are stronger as a result. With your help, I will be effective on your behalf at Mississauga City Council.

Building the changing world of the 2020s will require municipal councils to be teams of smart and dedicated men and women working together to address...

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Lawn sign

Put up a Bob Delaney lawn sign

Here's the thing about lawn signs. They are a mind game. Lawn signs don't vote. But they are important.

However, people can't help themselves. They count up lawn signs, and assume that whoever has the most signs up must be doing well in an election. By that measurement, many of our successful real estate agents could be counted as election front-runners.

Not all candidates ask for permission, as I learned in provincial politics. They just put up lawn signs in front of people's homes. I do get permission. Each election, each home, every time.


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COVID canvassing

A different campaign style

Door-to-door canvassing may not be the smartest tactic in this summer and fall of 2021 with COVID-19's very infectious new variants causing even double-vaccinated and double-boosted people (like me and Andrea) to stare in near-disbelief at a positive COVID test.

Though hospitalizations, serious illness and (thankfully) deaths are lower, especially in the vaccinated, COVID-19's latest variants are surging everywhere. I'll be doing more work by phone, through social and print media, and trying types of outreach to protect you, myself and those helping me. It will be a different campaign. I hope some things we do through...

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Team Building

My candidacy for City Councilor in Mississauga Ward 9 was official when I filed my paperwork back in June. Our bank account is open for donations. I have been in touch with the seasoned campaign people I worked with at the provincial level, and bringing in some new people with fresh and exciting ideas to move Meadowvale and Central Erin Mills forward through the decade of the 2020s. Interested? Here are the functional areas the team is building strength....

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Canada Day 2022

The Canada Day 2022 holiday weather is warm and humid! The parks and playgrounds see friends and neighbours slowly coming back together to meet in person. Andrea and I attended our very first public outing in early June. It almost felt odd to be among groups of people again. I am looking forward to reconnecting with my many friends in Meadowvale and Central Erin Mills as my campaign for the Ward 9 seat on City Council gets under way. For those who always ask, our cat, Merlin, is the last of our iconic cats who came with me on...

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Next steps

Thoughts on leaving party politics

After reflecting on my own wishes and aspirations within the Ontario Liberal Party, and for the northwest Mississauga community I served for 15 years in the Ontario Legislature, I chose not to stand again for nomination as the Ontario Liberal Party’s candidate in Mississauga-Streetsville. To do something new or innovative, you normally have to let go of something old or familiar. After nearly 25 years later, and through three riding redistributions, six elections, four consecutive victories, and 15 years as the Member of Provincial Parliament, it is time to move forward. I thoroughly enjoyed every...

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