Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call on my MPP for help with Government of Ontario Services?
After something doesn’t happen, or doesn’t happen in a timely way. First, contact the appropriate department, ministry or agency and start the file or process on your issue or request. Click for more details.
I am introducing Bob at an event. Can I get a brief biography?
Download a copy of Bob’s biography for either a brief or full introduction. Click here for a copy in PDF format.
Are there circumstances where my MPP cannot meet a request?
In some situations, your MPP cannot intervene, or has no jurisdiction to act on your behalf or offer assistance. As well, your MPP cannot assist if you are in the midst of a legal matter, contractual dispute or negotiation. Get more details here.
How do I obtain a birth certificate, or replace a lost birth certificate?
Birth certificates are issued by the Ministry of Government Services within the Government of Ontario. You can apply on-line or by mail. Service is now prompt.
How can I officially change my name in the Province of Ontario?
To legally change your name (i.e. back to your maiden name for example), you must have lived in Ontario for the last 12 months. You can do this at a Service Ontario centre. Click for details and to download application forms.
I am applying (or thinking of applying) for a public appointment. Can my MPP help? Where can I get information?
The place to start looking is on the Public Appointments Secretariat web site. It provides all the information you’ll need to apply, and serve, as an appointee in Ontario. The web site describes the types of organizations to which applicants for a public appointment can apply in Ontario; the functions and responsibilities of the various positions; the remuneration (if any), and the terms of office. Your MPP has no role in choosing who is appointed to a public body or position. You don’t need to make an appointment to inform your MPP. Your application will be judged on its merits alone.
I am really upset about something. How do I my case to the news media?
You can contact the local news media as follows:
Mississauga News: Phone (905) 273-8195. Fax (905) 277-0146;
Rogers Cable 10 Mississauga: Phone (905) 897-3961. Fax (905) 848-2831.

Health-related issues

It’s flu season again. Get your flu shot. It’s free!
Ontario offers flu shots every year. They are free. They are available right in our neighbourhood. They work. They keep you from getting the flu. Why would you not want to get a flu shot this year and every year?
How can I renew my OHIP card?
You will receive a renewal notice in the mail approximately six weeks before the expiry date on your OHIP card. Visit the the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care web site, or get more details on this web site.
How do I apply for the Trillium Drug Plan?
You are eligible for the Trillium Drug Program, if you have a valid OHIP card, not eligible for drug coverage under the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB), not receiving Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support and you have no private insurance or your private insurance does not cover 100% of your medication costs.
What are my options when I need to park at the hospital?
The Province of Ontario does not fund the building of parking facilities. The hospital and the local community does that, and your parking fee contributes to recovering the cost of building the parking lot of garage. That said, you do have choices for parking. If you know you will visit the hospital multiple times, consider getting a ten-visit pass, which greatly reduces your fees. More information at the Trillium Health Partners web site.

Community Issues

How do I find a place to volunteer, or get volunteer hours if I am a student?
The Mississauga News lists volunteer opportunities each week. As well, check out the volunteer page on this web site. If you need volunteers, advise us, and we’ll try and pass your name to community organizations who may need what you’re good at.
How do I file a complaint about the Peel Regional Police?
Complaints about the services, policies or conduct of a police officer can be made directly to any of the divisions, addressed to the Chief of Police or to the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services. Click for more info.