Meet Bob Delaney

Bob Delaney served the western Mississauga electoral district (“Riding”) of Mississauga-Streetsville for four terms in the Ontario Provincial Legislature, between October 2, 2003 and June 7, 2018). The riding comprised the western Mississauga neighbourhoods of Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville. Bob has been a resident of Mississauga since 1985. Bob was born and raised in Montreal, and has also lived and worked in Metro Toronto and in Vancouver.

Bob and Merlin
Bob and Merlin had been inseparable since Merlin came home with Bob in 2016. Merlin passed away in January of 2023.

Bob received his Bachelor’s Degree in physics from Concordia University in Montreal. He earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. He has also received his accreditation from the Canadian Public Relations Society. Bob has written and passed the Canadian Securities Course, offered by the Canadian Securities Institute, and the Wealth Management Essentials course, also offered by the Canadian Securities Institute.

Bob’s many personal accomplishments in western Mississauga include: getting the Lisgar GO Train station built; and securing funding and building approval for the expansion of the Credit Valley hospital. Construction of the Phase II project was completed ahead of schedule, and within budget in 2011. Bob was instrumental in the decade-long quest to secure funding for the major expansion of ErinoakKids, completed and opened in 2018.

At the Legislature, Bob served as Parliamentary Assistant to the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure. He was previously the Parliamentary Assistant to the Ontario Ministry of Energy. Bob also served as Ontario’s Chief Government Whip, and the Chair of Ontario’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs, which is responsible for consideration of the Ontario Budget.

In the private sector, Bob worked in corporate communications, consulting and marketing roles. Bob became an accomplished web developer in the 1990s, and keeps his hand in the art of coding with this web site. He is a co-author of the book High Value IT Consulting, published by Osborne McGraw Hill. As a consultant, he wrote and delivered the Professional Account Development program, aimed at teaching managerial, professional and technical people the skills needed for business development in knowledge-based businesses.

Bob taught in the School of Business Studies in the Faculty of Continuing Education at Ryerson University in Toronto. He continues his personal interest in education, especially science and math education. As an MPP, Bob visited local elementary and high schools to help kids grasp the importance of science, technology, engineering and math skills.

Bob Delaney has long taken a close personal interest in working with communities of new Canadians. At the Legislature, he contributed to the development of the Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act that has, since 2006, helped newcomers to Canada convert their experience and qualifications to their Canadian equivalents.

Bob and his spouse, Andrea Seepersaud, are avid gardeners and devoted cat people. Andrea is a registered immigration consultant with nearly three decades serving newcomers to Canada.

In his spare time, Bob is an accomplished photographer, writer and web site developer, including this web site. Bob still plays hockey, is a lifelong goaltender, and in 2023-24 is playing his 61st year in hockey in Streetsville. Bob was the goaltender for the Ontario Legislature’s team, the Legiskaters for 15 years. Bob frequently accepts invitations to play goal in organized, charity or pickup hockey games with local teams and other groups.