Insights from Bob

In my 15 years as your Member of Provincial Parliament, people frequently told me was that my web site and household newsletters stood apart from the others they received. This was because I didn’t fill the web site and the householders delivered by Canada Post with government-issue ‘messaging’ and self-serving pictures of myself. I used my space to explain not just what my level of government was doing, but why. I also assumed that people had an attention span exceeding 30 seconds.

At election time, folks regularly showed me the householders of mine that they had kept, annotated, and asked questions on things I had written, or they contacted my office and asked for details.

Those 15 years of experience in public issues from a unique perspective as an elected member of the Ontario Legislature helped me provide a broader context and be able to explain things in ways many people had not considered. Here is some of the ‘what, when, where and how,’ as well as why of current issues. Enjoy, and if you like what you read, let me know your own thoughts on my personal Facebook Page.

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Issue Summaries

Liberals and NDP – March 2022
Here is how to think about the federal agreement between the governing Liberals and the third party NDP. Canadians have been here before. With or without a formal understanding, at the federal and provincial levels, there has been an understanding between two parties in a minority government to let the government govern, and to judge it on its outcomes rather than its processes. Here is how, and why, the Liberal – NDP agreement will probably succeed.
Annual Flu Shot – Fall 2021
Andrea and I also got our flu shot as soon as we can each autumn. With COVID-19 still with us, does anyone really want to risk getting the flu? You don’t want to risk getting sick or ending up in the hospital during a possible autumn COVID-19 surge Don’t put off the flu shot. Go into nearly any pharmacy, and get an extra layer of protection on top of your COVID-19 vaccine. It is free. All you need is your OHIP card
Financial sector credentials
In 2019, I completed the course work, wrote and passed the two exams that make up the Canadian Securities Course. In 2021, I completed the course work, wrote and passed the two exams that make up the Wealth Management Essentials course. Both programs are offered by the Canadian Securities Institute. They were a splendid complement to my MBA and private sector work experience.
Next steps after party politics – December 2020
After reflecting on my time in party politics at the provincial level, and on the northwest Mississauga community I served for 15 years in the Ontario Legislature, I chose not to stand again for nomination as the Ontario Liberal Party’s candidate in Mississauga-Streetsville. To do something new or innovative, you normally have to let go of something old or familiar.
Praise Cathedral Worship Centre at 15
The 2020 year marked the 15th anniversary of the Praise Cathedral Worship Centre at its Meadowvale location. In April, I pre-recorded anniversary greetings for the virtual celebrations on the web.
Up-to-date identification in the 2020s
Everyone needs a set of ‘foundation’ ID documents: an Ontario Driver’s License or Ontario Photo ID; a birth certificate from the province or country where you were born; an up-to-date Ontario Health Card; a Canadian Passport; a Presto Card for transit; a bank card allowing you access to your account at a teller machine; and if you were born abroad, your Canadian landing papers.
Our COVID-19 adaptation – the 2020 year
Though we will all have stories to tell about our time at home in 2020 and 2021 during the successive waves of COVID-19, I suspect there is a familiar base in many of our lives: a withdrawal into home and family. Here is how Andrea and I confronted the descending curtain of COVID-19, and adapted to the new normal of being home more.
A needed energy corridor across Canada
The war in Ukraine may provide a way to re-examine some much-needed Canadian infrastructure: an east-west, two-way corridor to carry electricity, oil, natural gas and data. We already have this corridor to carry people and freight. The Toronto Star published my thoughts in late July of 2019.